Last week the Warm-ME team stepped by at Simeon Farrar´s design studio in London. The designer whose second label „Black Score“ just recently entered stores, sat down for a quick interview with us.

Simeon, for those who aren´t familiar with your name: you´re a London based art designer. Besides the successful work for your label „SIMEON FARRAR“ you also did some notable collaborations and design projects in the past. Only two years ago you launched your second label „BLACK SCORE“. 

Are you using social media for your design projects?
Yes, I do. I´m using twitter, facebook or instagram.

How do you use them?
For my latest „BLACK SCORE“ collection I designed a very cool print with model-of-the-moment Cara Delevigne. I sent her a sample and she did some posts on her instagram profile. All of the sudden everyone, especially in London, was crazy about that T-Shirt.
I think that social media platforms are very important because you can speak to your end-consumer in a very personal way; not only about the product itself – you can tell what you really think. When you infiltrate your brand profile with personal aspects, the possibility that people will start to connect and identify with you, is way more likely.

Well, talking about your home city – what is your favourite place to hang-out?
The „Tibetan Peace Garden“ in the Imperial War Museum of London. For me this is the perfect place to relax and calm-down. 

What is your favourite restaurant?
Pizza East, in Shoreditch.

Last season you did a collaboration with Warm-ME – which print did you like the most?
The „Simplex“ style with its sort of tie-dyed optic.

What is your favourite style of the current Warm-ME collection?
Cozy-4... actually it´s THE favourite piece in my wardrobe right now and I have to fight about it with my girlfriend everyday…

How would you describe Warm-ME?
I guess cozy and incredibly´s definitely the amazing quality and  „touch- factor“ which comes along with this product and that makes it so unique.

How would you describe your personal style?
Jeans, white T-Shirt and Vans. Because you´re always well dressed with cool denim and a white tee.