…. once an intern at Purple magazine, founded Colette in 1997 with her mother, Colette Roussaux, in the building they once lived. They had the vision to create a new kind of place with a restaurant, a gallery, fashion, beauty, design and music, and simply filled the space with products they could not find in Paris. Still today the brand selection is done very spontaneously, not driven by commerce but by the love for new products with a story. At Colette you will always find a mix of products of the season and timeless pieces, of young designers and major brands. With her boyish hair and her understated personal style, Sarah is a true editor and treats her shop like a magazine, scouring the earth for scoops and the latest amazingness. 

"It's never about 'commerce' but just coups de foudre. I never ask myself what people expect to find at Colette - I just hope to surprise them with something they can't resist buying." Sarah Andelman