Roman Stepek, CEO Mountain Force, about skiing, beanies and the love for details.

If you have a question about any production detail of functional sportswear – ask Roman Stepek, CEO of Mountain Force. The Austrian is a true “product aficionado” in the best sense. He has been managing various textile production facilities in China for about 10 years (among others KTC, the global technology leader in functional textiles) before joining Lasse Kjus as Director for Product Design and Supply Chain Management. In 2010 he left Kjus for a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity and bought Mountain Force. At that time, the company was in serious financial troubles, but had an excellent reputation for producing the best-fitting skiing trousers on the market.

Since then Roman is successfully building the company with an unbelievably high level of energy, passion and love for details.

We asked him 4 questions:

Which personal attributes do characterize you best?
Ambitious, organized, creative

Your favorite skiing resort?
I have two: Arlberg and Deer Valley.
What they both have in common is a really huge variety of slopes and great culinary offers. After a long day on skis, I just love to enjoy a good meal with friends in a great restaurant. And that is maybe also a reason why I love those 2 resorts: I have made good friends there.

Why do you like Warm-ME and which is your favorite style?
I love the design, the refined details, the unique quality and that the beanies are produced by hand in Nepal. I share their love for craftsmanship, since we at Mountain Force also put a lot of focus on little details, the perfect finishing and the old tradition of knitting and sowing by hand. Right now, my favorite beanie is the thin Seal beanie out of the “Warm-ME love Mountain Force collection” in grey.

Your motto of life?
Work hard, play hard.