Evelyn Ikrath

Evelyn is not only the owner, but the heart and soul of the hotel & spa “Haus Hirt” in Bad Gastein/Salzburg. She is a true “host” in the best sense of the word and one of the most inspiring, enthusiastic and creative people we know. She has a very intimate and personal relationship to her Warm-ME: for Evelyn it is the most sensual piece of clothing next to her lingerie.


WOW – that is a statement! What to do you mean by that?

Warm-ME is pure luxury. It is the most sensual piece of clothing next to my lingerie, since it is all about softness and wellbeing. A beanie is a very personal piece that underlines or even changes your individual personality, it says a lot about who you are and how you feel. I do have a very personal relationship to my Warm-ME – it is true, authentic and protects me. This is the kind of pure luxury that I would always allow myself even if I were not living in the mountains where you actually need a beanie most of the time.


How do you describe yourself?

Adventurous, open, spontaneous, connected to nature, health-conscious, passionate about yoga


How would you describe your hotels?

Adventurous, creative, charming, sensual, inviting, close to nature and urban at the same time


Tell us more about your hotels.

Well, I guess we want to achieve kind of the same with our hotels as Warm-ME: our guests should experience the feeling of wellbeing, sensuality and cozyness while staying with us. Haus Hirt always has been a very special place where people found a unique kind of wellbeing and relaxation. That is why Thomas Mann, Stefan Zweig, Somerset Maugham or Lady Churchill frequently stayed at Haus Hirt in the 1930s. That is why lots of creative people – architects, designers, fashion-people – are our guests today. They all value individuality, authenticity and personal relationships more than standardized luxury without personality. These are the values we want to offer in Haus Hirt, in Hotel Miramonte and in the Alpenlofts as well.


Why Bad Gastein?

If you grow up here the first thing you have in mind: I need to get out! Get out and conquer the world. That is what I did. After a while, the longing for the mountains came back. Then I met my husband, an architect from the flatlands, who fell in love with the mountains and the unique architecture of this imperial mountain resort. So we decided to come back and to “bring the world” to us.


Tell us more about the interplay of design, architecture, people and landscape?

The mountains come first. The buildings and the architecture have to fit in. For us, architecture and design are means to create an authentic, organic, pleasant and inviting “whole”, where people can enjoy their time with all senses. The houses here need to be free-standing and open to the gorgeous view. Also the rooms in the hotel are open and straight – the panoramic view is the true hero, not the interior design.