… is the first family fashion blog we became aware of. The mother is Chinese, the father is Italian and Chloe, 2 years old, is the real star of this digital modern family. They are special, they are cool & cute and we love their way of living a modern family life.


What are your favourite places in your city Milan?

Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace) and the streets around Montenapoleone. 


How did you become a blogger / what was the idea behind DMF blog?

Thanks to our career as fashion photographers, we had the chance to get to know a lot of fashion bloggers. We were fascinated by this new world. So we said to ourselves: why don’t we try that too? But we did not want to do another fashion blog, there are so many around already. We always loved to shoot our daughter’s outfits, and so was the idea of a family blog born. A special blog that involves the whole family, looking for brands that can be worn by all family member (man, woman and kid) exactly like WARM-ME. Digital Modern Family is what we are, a DIGITAL MODERN FAMILY!  


What is your motto for life?

Too cool to be true 


How do you describe your personal style / the style of your family?

Our style can be described in two words: "fashion" and "super easy".


5 things you always take with you when travelling

A laptop, reflex, Chloe’s Minnie, a good book, packback! 


How does your perfect beanie look like?

We love accessories, above all beanies. But as always: they are perfect when they are very super easy like your UNI styles. Or when they really rock! :)) 


When and where did you hear the first time about Warm-ME?

We found Warm-ME exploring on Instagram and we love it!