We hope you will love your Warm ME, but in case you do not, you have the right to return or to exchange the same item for a different colour within 14 days.
We’ll give you a full refund by the same method you used to pay. If you decide to return a product, please ensure that it is in perfect condition.
This means...
- clean (no make-up stains)
- unworn

How to return or exchange


  1. 1. Pack your garment in its original packaging.
  2. 2. Send an email to informing us about your return or exchange.
  3. 3. Hand the parcel in at the post office, remembering to get a receipt as proof of postage.
We will let you know when we received and approved your return. The financial responsibility for the return is yours until it reaches us.



Once your return has been received, you will receive a full refund.

Adress for returns:
Warm-ME GmbH
Stelzhamerstrasse 5a
5020 Salzburg

Tel: 0043 662 879270