Sustainability starts with you

Washing shortens the life of wool. Did you know that 75% of CO2 emissions  caused by a single piece of clothing emanate after purchase? Crazy, right? We were as surprised as you probably are now! Wearing, washing, and throwing our clothes away takes its toll – not only on our wallets, but also on nature.

WARM ME strives to make a difference. Instead of merely consuming, we have decided it’s about time to give something back: sustainability. Because we only have one Planet Earth.


Sustainability begins at your own doorstep. If you buy ecological and social products, you feel better and can have an actual positive and immediate impact on nature. Didn’t we tell you that sustainability is easy enough to achieve? It’s not rocket science, is it?


Let’s get cracking. Did you know that you don’t have to wash your cashmere favourites? Seriously. Airing them out will do the trick. In fact, the less you wash your cashmere clothes, the more they stay like they were when you first fell in love with them: gleaming, cosy, and ever so lush. And we definitely don’t want to spoil that, do we?


It’s like any excellent relationship. The more you look out for each other, the happier you are. We are pretty sure your new cashmere piece has very deep feelings for you as well. Why not return the sentiment with a gentle peeling or a manual wash in lukewarm water? That’s so romantic and will guarantee that your cashmere favourite remains true to you for a very, very long time.


130 fibres per sheet, 150 fibres per shirt, and from 260 to 1,900 fibres per fleece jacket… That’s how many synthetic chemical fibres are released by your ashing machine every wash cycle.They are pumped directly into the wastewater and constitute a major environmental problem. Not with WARM ME! Join us in making a difference!

Try not to hang up your cashmere pullover; keep it folded in your cupboard to retain its shape. Anything else would be a great loss. No one wants to say good-bye to a dear friend before their time.


Sustainability starts with you… like your favourite cashmere products by WARM ME. Making you look and feel great is what we call a win-win situation – for you and the environment.